United Through a Mask

Art of Covid- Renee van der Putten United through a mask.

Submitted by Renee van der Putten We all have to wear one independent of social status or race. No privilege here! We are protecting our lungs wide open to infections. We are all vulnerable under the mask. According to her website, “Renee was born in Holland into a family of Dutch artists. She received a…

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Social Studies – Distancing

The Art of Covid-Social Studies - Distancing

Submitted by: Patricia Charity I created this art quilt during the first part of our indoor recess quarantine. Who knew it would continue into the fall and beyond. I attempted to capture the feeling of everyone having to distance themselves from their normal circle of friends and activities. While avoiding public places one still needs…

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The Art of Covid- Nurses, Rene Hinds

Submitted By: Rene Hinds This is a tribute to the many medical professionals and essential workers who have dedicated themselves to fighting the Covid 19 virus.

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Project Scrubs

The Art of Covid- Project Scrubs

Submitted By: Heather Garcia My story is not about masks… It is a story of wanting to help where it is needed. Not long after the pandemic began, I’ve gotten a powerful pull to want to help. I wish I had stuck with my childhood career aspiration of becoming a nurse, because I wish I…

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Covid-19 Dia De Los Muertos Necklace

The Art of Covid- Dia de los Muertos Necklace

Submitted by: Jacqueline Bradley This year we will be remembering family members, friends, coworkers and associates who died from Covid-19. This Dia de los Muertos necklace was created with them in mind. Hand stamped copper, cloisonne beads, and glass sugar skull.

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Masks for all!

The Art of Covid- Masks for All Shirley Sherman

Submitted By: Shirley Sherman As I wear my colorful masks made for me by friends when in public and wear my “industrial strength” N-95 for my hospice visits, I am struck by the playful reminders of how important the MASK is for ALL of us in the pandemic. I often think about how the 1918…

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Drawing Covid

The Art of Covid- Siobhan Wall Drawing Covid

Submitted By: Siobhan Wall I am an artist and writer based in Amsterdam. I have just published a book of poetry and drawings about living with the Covid19 pandemic. I would like to add some recent drawings not included in All the Covid Poems So Far, the title of the book.  This drawing is about…

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Sewing Masks Saves Lives

The Art of Covid- Sewing Masks Saves Lives

Submission by: Valerie Barsevich Once the shelter in place order began in March, I knew I needed to find a project for my 89 year-old mother. She lives on her own and does all her own housekeeping, laundry, and cooking. The days get long without a chance to wander in a store or do volunteer…

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The Art of Covid - Last Vote Here

In a time of such fear and turmoil, the unity of the people is paramount. As a native of New York City I have had the great privilege of being among a population who know the meaning of standing together in a crisis.

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