Volunteers Answer the Call!

The Art of Covid - Community Project of Casa de la Luz Foundation

The hospice we work with had their PPE orders diverted and were left without protection. Their amazing corps of volunteers answered the call to create cloth masks to bridge this gap. The kindness of these volunteers blew me away! I only had a disposable mask which I’d been using for a few weeks until the…

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Creative Solutions

The Art of Covid - Trader Joes

“I had been noticing customers and crew members wearing their masks, and that caused me to have some anxiety, because as a deaf person, I rely heavily on using my lip-reading skills…” Simmons’ creative solutions to these new challenges can be found at: https://www.delish.com/food-news/a32648855/trader-joes-deaf-employee-face-masks/

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Difficult to Balance

it’s difficult to balance the desire to protest injustice against the risk of infection. While protesters cannot eliminate coronavirus risk, they can take steps to decrease the spread or chance of getting it” #protestsafely To learn these steps visit: https://www.cnbc.com/2020/06/02/george-floyd-protests-how-to-reduce-coronavirus-risk-according-to-doctors.html Please note we do not own these materials or images, but share it to promote the…

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The Magical Mask

Magical Mask During these times I wanted to join with my crafters in the making of masks as the CDC recommended that everyone possible wear them when out in public. I started out making standard masks with character print. I had previously used color-changing pigments on other products that I make and the thought occurred…

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