Ana Acinas’ 4th Avenue Mural

The Art of Covid- 4th Ave mural Ana Acinas

Submitted by: Ana Santos Acinas Ana Santos Acinas was one of twelve incredible muralists chosen to participate in the Historic Fourth Avenue Coalition’s mural project; co-sponsored by Chasse Building Team. The twelve temporary mural panels can be found on the corner of 4th and 6th Avenue in Tucson, AZ. These murals are helping to spread…

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The Meaning Behind Six Objects on Día de Los Muertos Altars

The Meaning Behind Six Objects onThe Art of Covid- Día de los Muertos Altars

Written by Jennifer Nalewicki of the Smithsonian Magazine “Light envelops the foyer inside Alfonso López Fértor’s home in Guadalajara, Mexico, filling the space with a warm, welcoming glow. Inside he has set up an elaborate altar (ofrenda) in preparation for Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, a multi-day holiday celebrated throughout Mexico…

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Lockdown Grief

The Art of Covid- Lockdown Grief Helen Smith

Submitted by: Helen Smith After losing her father to COVID-19, Helen grieved his passing amid a countrywide lockdown, isolating her from mourning with loved ones. Amid the unimaginable pain and grief she was experiencing, she sought a virtual connection to others going through similar experiences. Finding comfort in writing poetry, Helen created an Instagram account,…

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Día De Los Muertos Exhibit At Mexican National Art Museum Honors People Lost To Coronavirus

The Art of Covid- Dia de los Muertos covid exhibit

Article By: Mauricio Peña of “‘Sólo un Poco Aquí: Day of the Dead’ honors people who have died from COVID-19 in Chicago and globally, said Antonio Parazan, director of education at the museum, 1852 W. 19th St.  The exhibit is ‘paying tribute and remembering … the numerous individuals from our community … during this…

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Tales of the New Normal

The Art of Covid- Tales of a new normal

Submitted by: Rose Barroga Tales of the New Normal is a video passion project, created by Rose Barroga, to document personal experiences during the time of COVID-19. Through remote interviews and using only her smartphone, Rose creates these beautiful and moving videos capturing the stories of people from around the world. We were so excited…

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Mini-Collage Diptych

The Art of Covid- Mini-Collage Diptych Gabriela Szulman

Submitted by: Gabriela Szulman Gabriela Szulman, a London based artist, specializes in mixed media art. During COVID-19, her work has been largely inspired by everyday life and objects found around her home. Below, Gabriela kindly answered a few questions for us about the incredible art she is creating during these times. Where did you get…

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10 Ideas for a Spooky Quarantine Halloween

The Art of Covid- Halloween Activities

Written By Annie Goldsmith (Article Published by Town and Country Magazine) “Who would have thought social distancing recommendations that first came about in March would still be in effect in October? However, given the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, you’ll have to take some precautions to make sure your Halloween is safe. But, just because you’ll need…

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Hero Headbands

The Art of COVID- Hero Headbands

When the pandemic first started, everyone wanted to help❤️ Many people were making masks. Unfortunately, I don’t sew much. Then, I saw a post about someone sewing buttons on headbands and giving them to nurses at the hospital. I thought, I CAN DO THAT!

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3-D Printed Mask Clips

The Art of COVID- 3d printed mask clips, Ayan Gupta

Submitted by Ayan Gupta When the pandemic hit, Ayan Gupta and his classmates from Tesla STEM High School began brainstorming ways they could help their community. They came up with the idea to 3-D print clips to help speed up the mask making process. Their project has been a huge success, and Ayan was kind…

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Covid-19 Global Quilt Project

The Art of Covid- Covid 19 Quilt

Submitted by: Dr. Kate Just and Dr. Tal Fitzpatrick In April, Dr. Kate Just and Dr. Tal Fitzpatrick created the Covid 19 Quilt project. Since then, people all over the world have sent in images of the textile squares they created as reflections of their Covid experiences. These images are then added to the project’s…

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