Mother Earth Fine Art

The Art of Covid- Mother Earth Fine Art

Submitted By: Veronica Lynn Harper, Owner of Mother Earth Fine Art Mother Earth Fine Art (MEFA) is an online store featuring a stunning fashion and decor line inspired by nature. With eye catching designs and unique hand painted patterns, MEFA has expanded to include face masks. Veronica Lynn Harper, owner and designer of MEFA, shared…

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Releasing Your Creativity

The Art of Covid- Releasing Your Creativity Next Avenue

“Every day, the potential for creating and appreciating art is all around us. Since early 2020, we’ve all been challenged to see the beauty in daily life because daily life has changed considerably. It’s been a year of uncertainty, loss, isolation, sadness and fear. But in the resilient spirit of creativity, new opportunities have come…

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El Jefe Cat Lounge

The Art of Covid- El Jefe Cat Lounge

Submitted By: Tiffany Lee of El Jefe Cat Lounge Our cat lounge just opened in November and was just getting going when we had to shut down for COVID in March. We weren’t able to get any government assistance that would cover our expenses. We decided to open online merchandise retail. Cute cat or desert themed face…

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COVID Poetry by Siobhan Wall

Submitted By: Siobhan Wall Under the Eyes- A Covid Poem Under the eyes, a rivulet of sleep deprivation but I was in bed all the time! an exclamation is no exculpation holding it up is Then she hears the crows outside Raucous corvids Strong feet clawing Cawing are they laughing? at me? she wants their…

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John’s COVID Collection

The Art of Covid- John's COVID Collection

Submitted by: Janice Ward; Cookie art created by: John Ward John, a self-taught cookie artist, has been using his creativity and passion for cookie decorating to raise money in support of hospice patients and their loved ones. In honor of the support they received during the two years and four months that Janice’s mom was…

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Lifting Hearts with the Arts

The Art of Covid- Lifting Hearts with the Arts

Submitted by: Maya Joshi Lifting Hearts with the Arts (LHA) is a 501(c)(3) organization founded by Maya Joshi, a rising sophomore at Walter Payton College Prep. Run by Chicago high school students, LHA partners with assisted living homes to bring joy and meaningful relationships to their residents, and others struggling with feelings of isolation, through…

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CREAM Design & Print

The Art of Covid- CREAM Design & Print

Submitted by: Marissa Johnson Co-Owner, Operations Manager CREAM Design & Print CREAM Design & Print is a local Tucson shop that works with it’s partners and customers to create beautiful hand done screen prints with their environmentally friendly, soy-based ink. Since the presence of COVID, they have partnered with Tumamoc’s Desert Laboratory to create a mask…

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Blurred Cow

The Art of Covid- Blurred Cow

Submitted by: Siobhan Wall During May I cycled a lot with my husband, exploring the local countryside together after work. We were astonished by how idyllic it was. We only moved to the edge of Amsterdam 18 months ago and we’re glad we live close to such beautiful woods and fields. But I felt a bit unnerved and…

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The Art of Covid- Qmulative

Submitted by: Quinlan Wilhite Quinlan Wilhite, the owner of QMULATIVE in Tucson, Arizona and Phoenix Fashion Week’s designer-of-the-year, has been making making masks to help out the community during these unprecedented times. According to his website, since learning how to sew from his grandmother in the spring of 2013, what was once an online feed…

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Rosie the Riveter

The Art of Covid- Rosie the Riveter

“Mae Krier, 94, worked in a Boeing factory during World War II, where she helped make warplanes. Now, she’s helping fight a different battle — coronavirus… Rosie the Riveter is famously depicted wearing a red polka dot bandana around her head, but now, Krier is stitching face masks from the same cloth.” To read the…

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