Submitted by: Siobhan Wall

During May I cycled a lot with my husband, exploring the local countryside together after work. We were astonished by how idyllic it was. We only moved to the edge of Amsterdam 18 months ago and we’re glad we live close to such beautiful woods and fields. But I felt a bit unnerved and disoriented by the shutdown.

The Art of Covid- Blurred Cow
Blurred Cow

Blurred Cow, a newly-abstract image, shows how everyday perceptions were muddied by the arrival of an unknown, deadly phenomenon. Covid19 rules transformed busy streets and rural footpaths into quiet thoroughfares.

The Art of Covid- Siobhan Wall
The Art of Covid- Siobhan Wall

These photos taken in May show how few people were outdoors.  But it also meant I couldn’t see my friends in Amsterdam Centrum. I am beginning to travel into the city now, but often meet people who are refusing to follow social distancing. This makes traveling on public transport difficult and stressful, especially for someone with a chronic health condition. I have multiple sclerosis. It is invisible. Like so many viruses.

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