Sewing Masks Saves Lives

The Art of Covid- Sewing Masks Saves Lives

Submission by: Valerie Barsevich Once the shelter in place order began in March, I knew I needed to find a project for my 89 year-old mother. She lives on her own and does all her own housekeeping, laundry, and cooking. The days get long without a chance to wander in a store or do volunteer…

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Covid-19 & USA

The Art of Covid - Covid 19 collage Gale Sherman

Submitted by: Gale Sherman Microscopic species have been the subject of artists in the past, beginning with Ernst Haeckel (1834-1919). It was not his age (85 years old) that was the cause of his death, but the Pandemic of 1919. Now 100 years later, the Covid-19 virus is also best seen by microscopes, but electron…

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Elephant Print

The Art of Covid - Elephant Print Kathy Ricker

Submitted by: Kathy Ricker My sweet friend, Val, who lives in Wyoming, sent me a mask with elephants. She said “I saw the material, and knew I needed to send it to you!” I absolutely love elephants. They are such amazing animals. If you saw my office, you would see lots of elephants but even more at…

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Wearable Sculptures

Art of Covid- Yrurari 3-D Knitted Masks

Submitted By: Ýrúrarí My name is Ýrúrarí, and I‘m a textile designer based in Reykjavík, Iceland. My work comes mostly through knitting; adding knitted 3D elements to second hand sweaters has been the theme of my work for the past years. I started making my knitted masks in the beginning of April when the virus…

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Spreading the Love

The Art of Covid- June Torreros Spreading the Love

Submitted By: June Torreros I think it’s wonderful that this group has been put together as we are not in this alone. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be working from home via zoom. When this whole thing began I never thought this would happen over here. It was happening in…

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Volunteers Answer the Call!

The Art of Covid - Community Project of Casa de la Luz Foundation

The hospice we work with had their PPE orders diverted and were left without protection. Their amazing corps of volunteers answered the call to create cloth masks to bridge this gap. The kindness of these volunteers blew me away! I only had a disposable mask which I’d been using for a few weeks until the…

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The Magical Mask

Magical Mask During these times I wanted to join with my crafters in the making of masks as the CDC recommended that everyone possible wear them when out in public. I started out making standard masks with character print. I had previously used color-changing pigments on other products that I make and the thought occurred…

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