Blurred Cow

The Art of Covid- Blurred Cow

Submitted by: Siobhan Wall During May I cycled a lot with my husband, exploring the local countryside together after work. We were astonished by how idyllic it was. We only moved to the edge of Amsterdam 18 months ago and we’re glad we live close to such beautiful woods and fields. But I felt a bit unnerved and…

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Drawing Covid

The Art of Covid- Siobhan Wall Drawing Covid

Submitted By: Siobhan Wall I am an artist and writer based in Amsterdam. I have just published a book of poetry and drawings about living with the Covid19 pandemic. I would like to add some recent drawings not included in All the Covid Poems So Far, the title of the book.  This drawing is about…

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A Symbol of Hope for All of Arizona

The Art of Covid- A symbol of hope for all of Arizona Madaras

Submitted By: Diana Madaras TUCSON, AZ, July 13, 2020 – In these difficult and challenging times, an anonymous local benefactor, an award-winning Tucson artist, and several Arizona creative businesses, have collaborated on a gratitude project designed to lift spirits and publicly thank first responders and members of the healthcare community for their dedicated service and…

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The Art of Covid - Last Vote Here

In a time of such fear and turmoil, the unity of the people is paramount. As a native of New York City I have had the great privilege of being among a population who know the meaning of standing together in a crisis.

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