COVID Poetry by Siobhan Wall

Submitted By: Siobhan Wall

Under the Eyes- A Covid Poem

Under the eyes, a rivulet of sleep deprivation

but I was in bed all the time!

an exclamation is no exculpation

holding it up is

Then she hears the crows outside

Raucous corvids

Strong feet clawing


are they laughing?

at me?

she wants their obliviousness

to peck at grass grubs


of what lingers in the air

mean (while)

murmur further

while they are seeking their precious antibody stuff; vax vax vax

then go to sleep

in a peptide stupor

Until it, (not that), and all of this

is over

© Siobhan Wall


My head is hot

My head is hot

(Not a hothead)

Hot hair

a growth of many months hangs round my neck

heavy hair

hauled-over culledness, pale colourification





My thin white hair


to rise

1 Comment

  1. Hannah Laycock on August 26, 2020 at 5:38 am

    Siobhan’s poetry runs true to these uncertain times. Like a dream like state, but so very true in their telling. Thank you Siobhan. Wonderful poetry.