Drawing Covid

Submitted By: Siobhan Wall

I am an artist and writer based in Amsterdam. I have just published a book of poetry and drawings about living with the Covid19 pandemic. I would like to add some recent drawings not included in All the Covid Poems So Far, the title of the book. 

This drawing is about the difficulty of establishing new habits so we don’t go near to other people at the moment.

The Art of Covid- Siobhan Wall Drawing Covid
Double Mask

This drawing is about the fact that seeing the virus is impossible with the naked eye. It is a reminder that we need to keep looking after each other, as well as look out for symptoms in ourselves and other people.

The Art of Covid- Looking for COVID
Looking for COVID

I have been adding small paper masks to my drawings. It feels like witnessing how things are at the moment. They remind me to take care of myself and others.

Masking, Drawing, Protecting
The Art of Covid- Masking, Drawing, Protecting

This one is about feeling more and more disheveled as the Covid virus restrictions go on.

The Art of Covid- Covid Drawings Siobhan