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The Art of COVID- Blissful Kids Gratitude Tree
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For this week’s gratitude activity, we invite you to participate in creating a fun and kid-friendly Gratitude Tree. By reflecting on the people and things we are most grateful for, we can begin to focus our attention on these gifts, which, in turn, increases our ability to cope with the everyday stresses and pressures we are experiencing during this time. For instructions on how to create your very own Gratitude Tree visit: We would love to see your Gratitude Tree, so please consider sharing a photo with us via email at

The gratitude tree activity teaches children to:

appreciate the small things in life,

be grateful for everything they have,

be mindful of the things that are going right in their lives

and the people they hold closest to their hearts.” (Chris Bergstrom,

For instructions on how to create your own Gratitude Tree visit by clicking here.

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