Mother Earth Fine Art

Submitted By: Veronica Lynn Harper, Owner of Mother Earth Fine Art

Mother Earth Fine Art (MEFA) is an online store featuring a stunning fashion and decor line inspired by nature. With eye catching designs and unique hand painted patterns, MEFA has expanded to include face masks. Veronica Lynn Harper, owner and designer of MEFA, shared with us her story of adapting her business as a result of COVID-19 and the inspiration for her mask creations.

The Art of Covid- Mother Earth Fine Art

What inspired you to use your art to create masks?

My mother and sister work in healthcare. Their teams and local community members were limited in supplies. She asked if I could help. I used my past 15 years in Art and Tech to come up with a solution not only for my family but for the general public as well. 

Tell us about your design process.

Mother Earth Fine Art imagery is designed with nature photography, as well as traditionally hand painted patterns while listening to various genres of musical tracks, then digitized for practical and digital objects. These fluid shapes are Veronica’s artistic translation of auditory vibrations into graphic visual patterns. Each pattern holds emotions of music within it. Custom patterns and sound collaborations [are available] upon request.

Can you share a little about #Matchthemask

A month after launch Mother Earth Fine Art raised over $20K in sales providing masks for essential workers and the general public across the USA. #MatchTheMask is a social hashtag where Estheticians, MUA, and SFX Artists are creating “looks” by makeup, hair, nails, and fashion to match the colors of VLH masks and sharing them on social media with a hashtag #MatchTheMask and #MotherEarthFineArt to raise awareness for our movie, tv, performance, and events production artists.

The Art of Covid- Mother Earth Fine Art

What message do you hope to share through your masks?

Acceptance, Beauty, and Inspiration. I promote positivity even in our hardest situations with hope to raise our vibrational energy as a whole to a higher level.

The Art of Covid- Mother Earth Fine Art

To check out all of the fashion and decor Mother Earth Fine Art has to offer, visit: and be sure to check out @MotherEarthFineArt on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.