Submitted by: Beverly Bradshaw

Beverly Bradshaw, a pastel artist living in Carefree, AZ., has been creating pastel artwork inspired by the desert and its wildlife since her retirement in 2019. Although she describes herself as “not a portrait artist”, she created this piece titled Overwhelmed, to honor healthcare workers “putting their life on the line to save others” during COVID-19. Below, Beverly generously shared more about her work and experiences during these times.

The Art of Covid- Overwhelmed- Beverly Bradshaw
“Overwhelmed” -Pastel Piece 9×12
Image provided by Beverly Bradshaw

What has your experience been like as an artist during COVID? How have you had to adjust? What have been some of the challenges or advantages of working on your art during this time? 

Since COVID, it has actually been good for me regarding my art it has allowed me to take more time painting than I might have beforehand.  It has also saved me from not going too crazy staying home more or getting too depressed in the last 7 months in that I have had this creative outlet.  

What inspired you to create this piece? Why did you choose to use the title “Overwhelmed”?

I am on a few online artists’ posts and this one was a challenge that was put out there for us artists on the site to do.  Even though I haven’t done but a few portraits I felt inspired to try my hand at it.  All the hospital staff everywhere that put their lives on the line every day for everyone it just felt like a piece I wanted to try to tackle.  The title was just so appropriate seeing the health care workers on TV just spent from all the hours and the toll it has taken on them.

How did you hear about our project and what drew you to submit your piece? How do you feel it connects to your work?

I believe I heard about this online… and I thought what the heck it may not be the best portrait out there, but I was told by friends, that I captured the feeling so thought why not!  This is out of my normal subject matter as I usually do animals and landscapes.  I just started taking up painting again full time after retiring. 

To see more of Beverly’s work visit her website here.