Project Scrubs

Submitted By: Heather Garcia


My story is not about masks… It is a story of wanting to help where it is needed.

Not long after the pandemic began, I’ve gotten a powerful pull to want to help. I wish I had stuck with my childhood career aspiration of becoming a nurse, because I wish I was in the frontline, at the hospitals, and helping people fight the virus. I had heard about how the Navajo Nation had gotten hit hard by Covid and that its frontline workers were in desperate need of PPE. I then thought about how I’ve got to thrifts and have seen rows of scrubs, just sitting there and waiting to be of use. I started a gofundme campaign to help raise funds to buy secondhand scrubs to send to the workers. I collected quite a lot, but after speaking with one organization- Auntie Sewing Squad, I realized that I just put of dent in the over 3,000 scrubs needed. Before sending them out, I washed the scrubs twice, making sure they would be sent with care. I sent one box to Auntie Sewing Squad and another to Navajo Hopi Solidarity. I have kept my campaign open, in hopes of being able to raise more funds to buy more scrubs to send.


Visit Heather’s IG – @LAFashionsnob to see photos of her #ProjectScrubs journey