Submitted by: Quinlan Wilhite

The Art of Covid- Qmulative
The Art of Covid- Qmulative

Quinlan Wilhite, the owner of QMULATIVE in Tucson, Arizona and Phoenix Fashion Week’s designer-of-the-year, has been making making masks to help out the community during these unprecedented times.

According to his website, since learning how to sew from his grandmother in the spring of 2013, what was once an online feed rooted in the automotive scene, music, skateboarding and the arts – has evolved into a unique agency of sorts. His initiative and consistency have allowed Quinlan to come full circle and go from just attending a trade show in Los Angeles as an intern, to exhibiting at one amongst some of the region’s heavy hitters, streetwear, crossing disciplines, educating the consumer and remaining an avid student of the industry. 

QMULATIVE is known for its AZ shaped pocket tees, but the brand is always expanding. Even with the challenges of COVID, he adapted his brand and has begun making masks!

To help us learn more about how his masks came to be and his efforts to give back to the community, Quinlan kindly answered a few questions for us.

What motivated you to start making masks? 

I wanted to keep friends and family safer/ healthier! From there, my collaborative project with Why I Love Where I Live and Saywells Design helped me pivot into QMULATIVE’s current buy-1-give-1 mask campaign! 

Tell us about your mask making process.

I’m making all the orders myself from home; our masks feature: cotton, filter pocket, washable, elastic loops, 7+ southwestern patterns! Having made 400+, I’ve got the process super dialed-in (and the support’s been amazing)!

What message do you hope to share by making your masks?

QMULATIVE’s masks provide a fun, fashionable, and local way to keep you and your community safer *and* donate one to someone in need! 

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To stay up to date with all of QMULATIVE’S amazing work visit their website: QmulativeBrand.com