Sewing Masks Saves Lives

Submission by: Valerie Barsevich

The Art of Covid- Sewing Masks Saves Lives
Sewing Masks Enriches Life
Pictured: Ruth Barsevich
The Art of Covid- Sewing Masks Saves Lives

Once the shelter in place order began in March, I knew I needed to find a project for my 89 year-old mother. She lives on her own and does all her own housekeeping, laundry, and cooking. The days get long without a chance to wander in a store or do volunteer work. We ordered fabric from a sweet quilt store in order to support small businesses and began making cloth face masks to help save lives (including our own). We have sent several batches to Santa Barbara, CA where my godson is the head of an ICU. The masks are used by those who don’t need the surgical N95 kind. The masks are a fashion statement and a hot ticket! We have donated many to Sister Jose Women’s Homeless Shelter here in Tucson – Director Jean says she gives them away as fast as she gets them. We even put them out on a bush in front of my house for neighbors. I am grateful for my mom’s health and well-being during this pandemic – making masks has helped enrich and extend her life.