Spreading the Love

Submitted By: June Torreros

The Art of Covid- June Torreros  Spreading the Love
June Torreros

I think it’s wonderful that this group has been put together as we are not in this alone. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be working from home via zoom. When this whole thing began I never thought this would happen over here. It was happening in China. As the weeks passed I finally came to the conclusion that this virus has spread throughout the world. As the days passed little by little it was getting closer and closer.

My work has come to a stop but my daughters continued. This is when I began making masks. I was going to make 5 for her and a couple to switch out for me. Before I knew it I was spreading the love. I completed them and then the asking poured in. I was to hand out a mask to anyone who wanted one as long as I had supplies. No questions asked, and at no charge. I was filling orders and even had people telling me I was crazy for giving them out for free when they were charging 10.00 per mask. To me it wasn’t about making a profit. It was about how could I help out. We were in the middle of Lent. A time when the Catholic Church asks for us to fast or do some deed of kindness. I figured how could I help out? This was my journey. I had to find a way to use ribbon when there was no elastic or a glue gun with fabric glue when my sewing machine was broken. Not to mention make them pretty and great looking for a man or a woman. I had super hero fabric which everyone loved. Besides we all feel like superheroes or at least want to be one someday. Then there was my Star Wars and Disney collection. Let me tell you. No one is ever too old for Disney. Walt made sure his legacy would always make us feel like a child and full of love and smiles inside. For the animal lovers there were dogs and cats of all sorts. Even skulls for that Harley Davidson in each one of us. Harry Potter for the Wizards in magical places. For the desert rats there were cactus and bees! Last was my favorite, the bling for all of us who like to sport the Bougie look! 350 masks in total! They were delivered out of my mailbox in a plastic sleeve with the person’s name. Some were so kind they left me thank you notes, a bottle of wine, brownies and even a card with 10.00 that was used to pick up more supplies. My mask making days have come to a halt as supplies are gone. With each mask I sent off with love, a prayer, and protection to the person who wears it! I really enjoyed my time making them and it made each day a happy one as they were made with love by me for you!