United Through a Mask

Submitted by Renee van der Putten

We all have to wear one independent of social status or race. No privilege here! We are protecting our lungs wide open to infections. We are all vulnerable under the mask.

Art of Covid- Renee van der Putten United through a mask.
16 X 12 Acrylic Painting on Birch Board
Photo provided by Renee van der Putten

According to her website, “Renee was born in Holland into a family of Dutch artists. She received a degree in literature from McGill and joined a major airline while moonlighting as a costume designer and prop maker for the stage for many years. Now a full-time artist, she gleans inspiration from her eclectic background of art scenes, the stage, and her artistic family. A quest for inner balance led to Zen, Tai Chi, and poetry. Tai Chi practice keeps her body and mind focused.” To see more of Renee’s work, visit her website at http://reneevanderputten.com/art/.

In addition to her COVID art above, Renee kindly submitted her mask design below as part of The Art of COVID’s monthly design-a-mask activity featured on our social media sites. Her values of leading a Zen life through her “quest for inner balance” is reflected in her art.

The Art of COVID- Mask design Renee van der Putten
Image provided by Renee van der Putten